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Cosmo: MoMA PS1

COSMO, by Andres Jaque and the Office for Political Innovation, served as the architectural court-yard installation for MoMA PS1's 2015 Warm Up summer concert series. In the summer of 2015 I joined a team of interactive lighting designers (slash NYU IXD students) in developing lighting solutions for the installation with little resources including the limitation of a tiny budget and constraints such as installing tech in an outdoor space vulnerable to NYC summer weather. 

One solution we found was to install audio-reactive LED stage lights underneath the water tanks. Illuminating them while also protecting the lights from the elements.

Another solution was to encase the 8000 lumen projectors and mac minis, that were loaned to us by NYU, in DIY weatherproofed boxes that we designed to match the aesthetics of COSMO. The projections were designed in processing and created by Anneka Goss


Collaborators: Anneka GossArlen BitskyCharles DelugaErnesto GerardoNadia Palon, Oskar Noam