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This blog tells the story of how Evan Wu, Sharon De La Cruz, and I researched, developed, and redesigned how unaccompanied immigrant teens access crucial information in navigating the immigration system. 


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1st Meeting with Vera

Evan, Sharon and I met with The Vera Institute on Friday to share our KYR project with them. We met with Anne Marie Mulcahy, the Director of the Unaccompanied Children Program, Center on Immigration and Justice; Jennifer Gil, Regional Manager; and William Castillo, Program Associate. As a team we introduced the research we've gathered so far with the intent to gather feedback from Vera and to ask for their support in helping us connect to their network of legal service providers as well as children we can user-test with in the future. Vera is willing to help us connect with their network--they have already shared the survey with their network. 

We presented two outputs as possible KYR resources:

  • A KYR toolkit for paralegals/KYR instructors.
  • A song, animated video, and coloring book.

One of our key findings from the meeting was that the children are going through the system quite quickly, which may make us change our strategy. It might make more sense if we concentrate on providing KYR resources for children post-release. 


  • We will follow up with Vera regarding interviewing legal service providers within their network.
  • We want to brainstorm more on how a post-release KYR resource would look like.

Check out our presentation here.



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