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This blog tells the story of how Evan Wu, Sharon De La Cruz, and I researched, developed, and redesigned how unaccompanied immigrant teens access crucial information in navigating the immigration system. 


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Meeting with my advisor

Today I met with Nancy Hechinger to discuss my thesis progress. She's familiar with the topic and I updated her on our meeting with Vera two weeks ago and about the different outputs we've thought of so far:

  • KYR toolkit
  • Multi-media assets (song, coloring book, animation)
  • Mobile-web platform for released kids

Here are some of the highlights of the conversation:

  • Narrow down your scope. Stick with communicating in Spanish first, you can always tackle the indigenous language barriers later. 
  • Breaking down all this information into "chunks" can help the child in retaining the information. Think about how to break it up into sections. Can the sections be accessed when the child is close to approaching this step in their case?
  • Write up a user journey
Leslie Martinez