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This blog tells the story of how Evan Wu, Sharon De La Cruz, and I researched, developed, and redesigned how unaccompanied immigrant teens access crucial information in navigating the immigration system. 


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Ralph Vacca

When I met with Shashank last week he mentioned that I needed to speak with Ralph Vacca from the Educational Communication and Technology program at NYU. He's a researcher, designer, and teacher of learning technologies, media, games, and wellness, which makes him a great ally for this project. 

Ralph helped me think through a lot of aspects of the project and once again helped me narrow my focus. Here are a few main ideas we discussed:

Affect + Cognition 

  • What kind of kid am I addressing? Kids that are in situations like unaccompanied immigrant children are often afraid, anxious, and require that their affect me addressed rather than teaching them new material. 
  • How can we address core fears and also teach low amount of new information? 
    • You're not alone
    • It's ok to be anxious
    • Story of the process
    • Timeline of what happens to a kid that is released to a sponsor
  • The wireframes we've built out are based on high amounts of information.
  • How can we bundle the information?