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This blog tells the story of how Evan Wu, Sharon De La Cruz, and I researched, developed, and redesigned how unaccompanied immigrant teens access crucial information in navigating the immigration system. 


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Do Tank: How might we break down boundaries and foster connection?

This week I was invited to share our design process with a group of design thinking students that are tackling the immigration issue through Do Tank and alongside the Tenement Museum. I spoke to the group along with an expert friend and old colleague, Deborah Lee. I was able to share what Sharon, Evan and I are working on for the Know Your Rights project and Debbie gave her insights on her teen immigrant clients and the challenges they face. Check out how they are framing the problem: 

Borders, lines, fences, migration, immigration. Around the world, and right here in NYC, a city shaped by people from every corner of the globe, lines continue to be drawn between “us” and “them,” even when “they” are part of “us”. How can we create an inclusive community that recognizes and appreciates the stories and contributions of our neighbors, regardless of where they come from? How can we encourage inclusive communities?

How might we break down boundaries and foster connection?
— Do Tank