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This blog tells the story of how Evan Wu, Sharon De La Cruz, and I researched, developed, and redesigned how unaccompanied immigrant teens access crucial information in navigating the immigration system. 


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3rd iteration of the prototype

This iteration began with writing a script filled with details of what a UC will need to do in order to prepare for their first court hearing. The narrative stars a teenage Honduran boy named Edwin that the user can follow as he enrolls in school, calls the immigration court 800 number, dresses for court, finds his way to the court building, and finally reaches the courtroom. The story is divided into segments and is formatted to resemble a chat one might have with a friend.

The most difficult part of this prototype was balancing out the copy and the images. Static images and Gifs alone would not be able to tell the entire story, but adding too much text might also disengage the user. Two unaccompanied immigrant children experts took time to review and give their feedback regarding the content of the story. When the idea began, preparing for court seemed like a short amount of content to cover, but the reality is that the ideal way to prepare for court as a UC involves several steps and each of those steps should be broken down for the user in order for them to truly benefit from the story.